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How can I support learning in a diverse group?  
How can I take into account different expectations about learning and teachers so that I can motivate everyone to learn? 
Why do students in my multicultural class hate group work? 
How do I encourage students to think critically, and to evaluate what they read and learn?
How do I support the student with an immigrant background in my class in building her own identity?
What to do when behaviorism meets socio-constructivism?
In this Unidos training, you will develop skills to observe and analyze how culture affects teaching situations. You will become familiar with different perceptions of what defines high quality teaching, teachers, and interaction within the class.
You will learn to use the framework of multicultural pedagogy in your planning. You will gain tools to guide interaction within the class. The theme is well suited for school staff development days.
"I appreciate the information that I gained about learning in different cultures. I can now immediately see the reasons behind certain behaviors. This was my first training on multiculturality in my life. It's grat that we also got concrete tools to work with, so that we can put our learning to practice. At least in one of my courses something new will now ACTUALLY happen. Thank you! Nice trainer + good examples. A sequel to this course needed!"
A participant in a KuKo-training organized by Haaga-Helia: How to support learning for students from different cultures? Multicultural pedagogy and developing intercultural competence in learning, Spring 2011 
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