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Does good customer service have a nationality?
How can I ensure that my message gets through? I have used all my tools already - where could I get new tips?
How do I take the increasingly diverse customer base into account when developing service processes?
I would love to get new ideas for email communication with clients abroad!

In these trainings by Unidos, you will gain increased awareness and get to explore, experiment, and develop your competence for customer service in an intercultural environment.

"The trainer's successful combinations of theory and practice gave me insights. When someone shared an example from their life, the trainer was always able to connect it to theory or to the larger context."
A participant in the training for staff at (the Secretariat for) International Affairs, spring 2008. The training was commissioned by HERA (Helsinki Education and Research Area, www.hera.fi)

"Thank you for the training day. I gained plenty of new ideas and ways of thinking. I was particularly pleased with the colorful and radiant personality of madame Eila de Botua, both in her verbal and visual presentation. Thankfully, xx."
A participant in a training session on Intercultural communications in customer service for museum staff. 
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