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How do values and everyday life in Russian culture differ from Finnish values and life?
I would like to understand the differences in order to communicate better.

How could I efficiently bring important matters into conversation to allow for genuine change?
How could I help my family to adjust to a new country? I am working, and my wife and children
are at home.

We have many Indian employees in our organization. What do we need to know to make our joint projects successful?
We have plenty of students with a Somali background. We have noticed that there are great differences in how children are raised in Finnish and Somali cultures, but what exactly are those differences and where do they stem from?
Ho to bring out the best in Finnish culture?
How do we win their trust? How can we support collaboration so that we will get the best possible results?

IN THE COUNTRY-SPECIFIC TRAININGS BY UNIDOS, practical examples will help you become familiar with practices and communication challenges in the target country. During the training, the practices visible in everyday life will be linked to their social, historical and religious background, making them easier to understand. Your new insights will help you work together towards your goals. The training also explores multiculturality within the target country.

"I gained confidence in communicating with Russians, and ways to deal with challenging social situations. The vertical-horizontal model of thinking was new to me and gave me new understanding. I gained cultural knowledge and understanding, more steam to my recently-awakened interest in Russia, tips on additional literature and linguistic explanations in a similar way to how I tend to reflect on matters myself. I would definitely recommend this training for everyone, who interact with Russian students or colleagues at work."
Participants in the training "When Finnish 'sisu' meet the Russian soul" organised by HERA
(Helsinki Education and Research Area, www.hera.fi), Autumn 2010

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